RevelationDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization


As a professional one-stop DeFi application platform on Ethereum, Revelation takes the mission of improving the efficiency of global value circulation and uses the power of decentralization to give full play to the more transparent, fairer and more convenient features of DeFi, and provide users with security and expertise. , The convenient and easy-to-use DeFi protocol contributes to the development of decentralized finance.
We have a way to form close connections among the members who join RevelationDAO to form a larger and more systematic governance structure. The ultimate goal is to achieve a nearly perfect decentralized autonomous system: there are ecology, classification structure, and logic. , There is a decentralized chain coordination and division of labor, governance… If you use visual language to describe, this system structure is like a super biological system in nature. You can imagine the entire Revelation as a huge beehive, then Each member is like a bee among them. Under the established rules, they only need to operate according to the existing system, and only need to do their own corresponding tasks and roles. After that, what they finally show will be impressive. An amazing masterpiece.
At present, the encryption network around us is increasing day by day, and the speed of development is rapid. It is a kind of supranational protocol, which can break through the limits of national boundaries, influence and regulate human activities on a global scale, and it can provide an interoperable and shared international Basically, it allows people from all over the world to interact and make decisions together without gathering together. They can even decentralize the chain to complete shared enterprises, shared resources and other conveniences that cannot be easily achieved under traditional models, and then they can achieve Centralized governance, decentralized benefits, and ultimately realize the real key part of this work.
In the near future, more and more people will join the ranks. The ultimate goal of RevelationDAO is to achieve complete decentralization. The consensus of all mankind determines what RevelationDAO looks like. This is a great and sacred one. The enterprise will eventually realize a disruptive financial revolution, make efforts for the financial equality and wealth freedom of each participant, and finally create an ideal financial world.